How Would You Change the Echo?

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Mike Hearn of SprintFeed Asks, How Would You Change the Kyocera Echo? Commenters posted some interesting feedback. One was a posiitive review of the dual screen Kyocera Echo:

“Not sure why this phone gets such a bad rap. I played with it at the local Sprint store (and, since we’re not in a 4G coverage area, and WiMax is facing death in Sprint’s world, anyway…); it worked pretty well. Having the second screen become a keyboard was perfect since I only prefer hardware keyboards; I found could type faster on this than on the Evo Shift and Epic, which feature hardware keyboards. As far as development, honestly, who cares. Blah blah. From a phone standpoint, it does its job. It’s funny that people want this to have dual cores, front facing cameras, larger screens, and then will wonder why it’s going to cost $650.”

This is from Teammcw.

Ref: SpintFeeds

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