The Astonishing Tribe Joins RIM

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The Astonishing Tribe lolBringing a long history of using mobile and embedded technology to make amazing mobile user interfaces for more than 470 million devices worldwide, the Astonishing Tribe of Malmo, Sweden, joins Research In Motion, the maker of the Blackberry. The mechanism is, TAT was bought by User Interface Sweden, which is a subsidiary of Research In Motion Limited. Therefore, the acquisition was announced on Research In Motion’s blog:

RIM welcomes TAT!

and noted on The Astonishing Tribe’s blog as well:

TAT joins a larger tribe

Being that The Astonishing Tribe was chosen by Fujitsu to develop the user interface of the Fujitsu dual screen phone – debuted in China, but not released, see: , among other achievements, it’s going to be a partnership to watch!

TAT was responsible for designing the user interface for Fujitsu dual screen phone, noted at

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