T-Mo LG Dual Screen – Another Dual Screen!

This one looks cute – another dual screen phone! Pocket-Lint did outstanding journalism when this handset appeared at a small event promoting Orange and Kineto Wireless in London. According to Chris Hall, author of Mystery dual screen LG handset snapped, possibly Flip II:

“We’re still trying to confirm a name for the device precisely, but the leaked T-Mobile (US) document points to a couple of forthcoming LG devices – there is the LG Flip II and the LG Maxx Q included.”

Check the article for more great pics and description. It has a slide-out qwerty keyboard that sports another touch screen. That is what makes it dual screen! Chris Hall notes, “In our exploratory prods it did exactly what you’d expect – launch the apps positioned on it as shortcuts.”

Excellent journalism on device in the wings for US release – kudos Chris Hall and Pocket-Lint!

Ref: Mystery dual screen LG handset snapped, possibly Flip II

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