“Only Dual-Screen Devices Can Break Human Bottleneck!!!”

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Savvy observation from top web editor and guru Avram Piltch. He lays it out in his nice article in Laptop Magazine:

Human beings [bold – Ed] are becoming the real bottleneck . . . Each time you switch between tasks because you need to copy and paste that URL from the browser into your Facebook update in another tab or browser window, your system waits on you . . .

“More megahertz won’t solve this problem. Dual screens such as those on the Kyocera Echo phone and Acer Iconia 6120 tablet will!”

Avram Piltch is a man after my own heart! Can we admit that juggling tasks is awkward without the benefit of a 2nd screen? When I set up a browser on my monitor, I open at least a dozen tabs. Right now, I have 20 tabs open over 4 windodws, and four more programs for a total of 25. The dual screen phone is for me!

Avram, the Geek’s Geek, goes on further to say about the Echo:

“The Echo is the first phone that truly lets you multitask. Put that in your Retina display and smoke it!”
– Ref: Only Dual-Screen Devices Can Break Human Bottleneck, Laptop Mag, Avram Piltch, April 18th, 2011

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