Kyocera Echo – It’s Official!!!

Sprint Kyocera Echo <I>Dual Screen Phone</I>NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE), February 07, 2011 – “Sprint (NYSE: S) and Kyocera Communications Inc. today announced the first dual-touchscreen Android™ smartphone, Kyocera Echo™, exclusively from Sprint.”
Sprint Newsroom

This marks a milestone in Smartphone technology! It didn’t seem like a departure that two screens, folded, could be unfolded and snapped into place to produce one large screen! . . . Now it is reality . . . in a mobile phone, no less! The versatility is phenomenal! Sprint CEO Dan Hesse points out: “”Echo allows you to run two apps simultaneously and independently on two separate displays. And you could search the web on one screen while checking your email on the other.” – Sprint To Debut Dual-Screen Phone This Spring, NY1. Plus, you can view video or play games on ONE LARGE SCREEN! 😀

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