Fujitsu Debuts Dual Screen Phone Prototype

This is where I got the idea of Dual Screen Phones:

Ref: Network World’s Youtube Channel
Fujitisu debuted its dual screeen phone prototype in Chiba, Japan, October 2010. Some neat observations: separate cloud servers from local data while transferring date between the two – got me sold! 🙂

The Astonishing Tribe is responsible for the UI design of the Fujitsu dual screen phone: “Fujitsu is committed to be in the fore front of mobile phone innovation and with the new dual screen interface.”, says Takeshi Ueno, Director, UI planning director, for the Mobile Phone Group of Fujitsu. “We are delighted that TAT’s UI technology enables the type of new design paradigms to create advanced UI. We are looking forward to other innovative collaborations with TAT to enrich our UI.”

Ref: TAT chosen by Fujitsu for pioneering dual screen phone

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