Engadget Review: “We were shocked!”

“We were shocked at just how intelligently it handled the myriad applications we threw at it . . . you definitely encroach “tablet” territory . . . Angry Birds Rio spanned beautifully . . . the obvious line in the center has no real impact on gameplay.”
– from Engadget, Kyocera Echo review, By Darren Murph posted Apr 13th 2011.

Darren Murph goes on to offer many accolades:

  • volume rocker and microSD card slots were both positioned perfectly
  • pair of panels . . . crisp and bright in use
  • multitouch is in full effect and works shockingly well
  • quick to open
  • easy to adjust
  • difficult to knock out of place
  • unmistakable “click” with each and every movement
  • hinge no wobble – worthy of laud!
  • Froyo no irregularities
  • “consistently amazed”
  • dedicated SDK
  • shocked at just  how intelligently it handled the myriad  applications we threw at the Tablet Mode Extension app

and more! On the downside:

  • battery: only 12 hours
  • camera average
  • no WiMAX support
  • Sprint TV and Football Live cannot be used over  WiFi

All in all, a great Android phone!

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