Too Good to Be True! Docomo Medias W

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As hinted last year, Docomo has unveiled its dual screen offering, Medias W. Double U – get it? Watch this video to see some of the tricks, including dual screen applications, this phone performs, in the showroom, with Docomo rep:

This video comes with sub-titles. Translation of the narration and subtitles:
Docomo has unveiled the dual screen smartphone, the Medias W. It features two 4.3 inch displays. a 1.5 Ghz dual-core CPU, an 8.1 Megapixel camera, and runs Android 4.1.
This is the Medias W.
Ordinarily, you would use it folded up like a regular smartphone. When you want to look at a picture or a map, it can open up to be a 5.6 inch screen. So you can read maps and browse the web easily, and it makes text entry easy, too. Let’s display a map. It’s shown on both screens, like this, so you can check your map on a big screen. Although there is a line in the middle, you can pinch and zoom across the two screens.

You can also show a different website on each screen. As the LCD screens fold on the outside, you can put the phone down and look at it, so you can see this side and that side. The keyboard is very easy to use, like with a tablet. When you turn the phone on its side, the whole bottom becomes the keyboard, so typing is just as easy.

Because the Medius W makes it very easy to enter text, we think this model is really convenient for customers who enjoy social media.

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