iPhone Cover is Interactive

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This is the e Ink side of the iPhone Cofounders Yashar Behzadi and Gregory Moon are launching popSlate on crowd sourcing source IndieGoGo. popSlate is an iPhone cover with an e ink display which uses low power . . . can always be on and – last, but not least! – is customizable from the iPhone main touch screen. File this under the category of solution of full power touch screen turning itself off to conserve battery life. Wired writer Tim Daly observes, “if you’re doing something where you want keep glancing at your screen without having to touch anything, like cooking, doing exercises, or glancing at driving directions . . . [the popSlate] will sit there patiently displaying the same screen until the end of time . . . without disappearing until you physically turn on the device,” like “when a notification arrives, your phone chimes, lights up the screen.” Cool beans!!!

The tech has something to do with the mechanism of touch screen, which depends in the iPhone on an accelerometer. An accelerometer measures acceleration relative to an observer who is at rest relative to the object being measured . . . This is known as, “proper acceleration.”

Ref: Wired Magazine
Proper Acceleration at Wikipedia.org

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